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Standard Lawn Replacement - installation proceedure


From our experience, the typical London Garden ranges between 25 and 100 square meters, generically speaking.

Based on a luxury mid range artificial grass we charge a full supply and professional installation service for £75  + vat per square meter; fitted.

Doing the maths - a full professional supply and installation can typically cost between £2000 and £8000. 

The methods have come on even further than the illustrations detailed below; so don't hesitate to get in touch for a full detailed specification and quote.

Remove Old lawn

Lawns are the highest maintenance features in a garden; trees being the lowest.

In London, most lawns grow on heavy clay substrate and become very sodden in wet conditions. The first stage is to remove all the existing turf and begin levelling and grading the substrate below to the clients preference. Gardens can keep the natural undulations in them or be totally "ironed out" like a bowling green!

Stone layer &

Looking at the image above; it can be seen that a self binding layer of MOT type 1 roadstone is compacted into every inch of the framed area. This layer creates stability; helps to level; and allows sustainable and effective water drainage. The stone itself is self binding - this means that it ranges from 50mm stones down to dust - and when compacted, creates one solid water permeable base/slab for your new lawn.

Heavy duty Geo textile

Once the substrate is prepared, a water permeable  geo textile is used to totally cover the site. A treated c24 timber ring beam/ framework is fabricated to the garden's shape as desired. (or a concrete edge if requested by the client) The stone layers can now be introduced inside the frame perimeter area that has been securely installed. 

Sharp Sand
Blinding layer

The stage above illustrates the introduction of a sharp sand layer that is blinded over the MOT roadstone layer. This layer must be sharp sand and not soft sand because sharp sand is angular and binds much better. (Granite dust/fines can also be used) It can be screeded to level up and fill any micro pores on the stone layer. The area is compacted again and screeded to required levels.

The final stage of the process is to roll out the clients chosen luxury grass, cut and secure it to the ringbeam frame. Once cut to the required edges, the the grass is stapled every 5 cm using heavy duty galvanised staples. Any joins are professionally joined and glued using polyeurathane adhesives and joining tapes.

The Luxury grass is finally top dressed with an infill of kiln dried sand and vigorously brushed  across the site ready to be enjoyed.

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